Community Foundation of St. Joseph County

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Foundation Board

Foundation Board

A key reason for the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County’s remarkable success has been its ability to engage outstanding leaders from throughout our community to govern and build the organization. George M. Haley, M.D., served as the Founding Chairman. Other past board chairs include Thomas Cassady, Sr., Chuck Roemer, Ernestine Raclin, Donald G. Cressy, Patrick L. O’Malley, Richard B. Urda, Jr., James F. Keenan, Edwina Kintner, Myrtle Wilson, George Cressy, Jr., Nancy N. King and Timothy D. Sexton.  Currently, Jeffrey P. Costello serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Community Foundation is governed by a diverse board of community citizens chosen from throughout the community to provide leadership and direction to this rapidly growing organization. Further, the board provides stewardship to the personal charitable legacies being established every day by local citizens.

Board of Directors July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018

Jeffrey P. Costello, Chair
Timothy D. Sexton, Past Chair
Brad C. Beutter, Vice Chair
Mary Jan Hedman, Treasurer
Greta Roemer Lewis, Secretary
Rose Meissner, President
Anita Echevarria, Vice President, Administration

Spike Abernethy
Jose Alvarez
Katie Anthony
Curtis Bethel
Carl Bossung
Kyle E. Chamberlin
Roland W. Chamblee Jr.
Shannon B. Cullinan
Richard C. Currey
John C. Firth
Marion Fulce
Richard L. Hill
Pam Jarrett
Matthew Kahn
Christopher Karam
Amy Kuhar Mauro
Donna Lamberti
Lauri Miro
Tina Patton